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The eventful night of top DJ from the UK

Eddie Halliwell is acclaimed by leading dance music magazine Mixmag, as Greatest DJ of All Time in its 2010 poll.

As a mixer, Halliwell constantly manipulates the music with lightning cuts, layers of effects and slick scratching. Playing tracks from across a broad musical spectrum – trance, techno, house and electro – he harnesses the energy of every beat, synth, hi-hat, squelch and squeak, using his technical expertise to generate energy and new sounds.

Halliwell was previously named DJ of the Year by Mixmag in 2003 and 2005. "There are people who play records and there are DJ's who blow minds, Eddie Halliwell is the latter, who makes every set, no matter how small the club or how big the festival, feel like the closing party of the end of the world," the magazine commented.

He also reached into millions of UK homes with his own weekly BBC Radio 1 show from 2003-08. Halliwell now broadcasts to approximately 10 million listeners around the world via his new syndicated radio show – Fire It Up Radio.

His success has visibly boomed over the years, particularly with his concept ED-IT (Eddie DJing with Integrated New Technology), which launched in August 2009.

Travelling to every corner of the world to play his scorching shows, Halliwell ended 2010 with a bang with Christmas parties across the UK, and a final massive blowout on New Years Eve in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico.

During his one-night show in Hanoi, part of the Green Planet program organized by Dutch brewer Heineken, Halliwell entertained his audience with an amazing combination of the latest digital technology and special visual effects.

The show in photos:

DJ Wang from HCM City.

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